Pure Essentials Advanced Multivitamin & Minerals is a comprehensive multi-nutrient supplement, featuring full spectrum body-ready methylated B-vitamins and active mineral forms. Enhanced with a slow-release formula, this supplement steadily releases nutrients for optimal absorption and uptake into the bloodstream and all-day nutrient coverage. This advanced formula is the ideal all-round multivitamin supplement catering for those who want to support optimal wellbeing. 22 carefully selected vitamins and minerals offer scientifically proven benefits for brain function, energy & metabolism, eye health, heart health, pregnancy, normal inflammatory response & immune system function.

Size:  60 tablets, providing a 1-month supply at a daily dose of 2 tablets.

Directions: Adults: take 1 tablet twice daily with food. Children aged 7 to 16 years: 1 tablet daily. Do not exceed the above doses unless advised by a healthcare practitioner.

Pure & Essential Advanced Multivitamin and Minerals