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Are we getting ready for school?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

As Covid-19 has hit us in large numbers, the question most parents are asking is, naturally, if schools are going to open come September. Some are adamant that even if they do, they are not risking their children’s health. Others do not really have an option as fear of job losses still prevail.

It is a stressful situation, and with the knowledge that stress weakens the immune system, its the last thing we needs.

Keeping to healthy diet is now even more important.

Fresh fruit and vegetables should be consumed daily. Allow young kids to eat using their hands as at the developing age, tactile exploration whilst eating helps with enjoying the different flavours and textures of food.

Cut fruit and vegetables in interesting shapes.

Give them dips to try with the vegetables.

Give them pieces of fruit to snack on.

Try vegetarian recipes using beans and lentils instead of meat for protein. I promise the whole family will love them. Limit processed foods and plan ahead home cooked meals. Go for dishes that can be frozen for the days you do not have time for cooking.

Modern farming and pollution are sadly two factors that effect the nutrient value found in food. It has become essential to take these nutrients as food supplements. Get your kids ready for school starting Now, by giving them supplements for a healthier immune system. These should include vitamins C and D and Zinc. Probiotics are also important for a healthy body.

My go to supplements:

Natures Aid for their sugar free supplements in the form of syrup and drops for children aged 3 months and up. BetterYou® have oral sprays that are practical to use. Both brands offer a selection of tablets, capsules and oral sprays for adults.

The majority of these are suitable for Vegans.

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