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A Christmas time Detox we all need

Preparations for the Christmas parties, dinners and celebrations are in full swing. Menus have been drawn and alcohol has been bought. Some love to party heavily, others like me, prefer a cosy night in by the fire, if it gets cold enough for that.

When the parties are over and life returns to normal, some will realize that they spent some two weeks of overindulgence in fatty food and alcohol. Poor liver! The organ that acts as a filter in our bodies will get stressed and effect the rest of the digestive system. We tend to forget from one year to the next how sluggish we felt afterwards and how we wished we never took that extra helping or glass of port. Milk Thistle is a natural tonic known to help cleanse the liver and aid the digestive system.

Milk Thistle, our newest product from Living Nutrition is what you should be purchasing along with everything else this Christmas. Known to stimulate the regeneration of liver c ells, this medicinal herb is used widely the world over. It also stimulates the

detoxification process and may help improve symptoms of indigestion.

Fermenting milk thistle activates the compounds within it in a unique way, producing a highly bioavailable living synergy of micronutrients with an enhanced nutrient profile and naturally rich in beneficial enzymes and biotics.

‘Using the ancient art of fermentation, we evolve milk thistle naturally into a far more bioactive form with an array of key active compounds. The unique kefir-kombucha process carefully extracts all the valuable micronutrients, enzymes and

flavonoids to produce fermented milk thistle capsules.’

Milk Thistle is at 25% DISCOUNT from this online shop until the 31st December 2022.

Use promo code SHOP25.

This discount also applies to all products available on our online shop.

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