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Is my child following a healthy diet?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Weaning babies on the right nutritious diet is a worry for most parents. I remember doing extensive research on how to wean my daughter. I prepared all food from scratch save the yogurt which was store bought.

Pairing banana with avocado was a favourite. Potatoes, courgettes and carrots mashed together went down well. Raw vegetables went down a treat and at age one she would eat a large flat tomato at lunch. You may think I was lucky that my daughter loved her fruit and veggies. Whilst I do consider myself lucky, I still worried that she was not getting the right amount of nutrients.

My daughter is now in her twenties and a Vegan. She recently asked me had I been Vegan when I had her if I would have brought her up on a Vegan diet. There is no straight yes or no answer to a question like that. When it comes to weaning, one must bear in mind the nutrients that are needed for a child to develop well. However, a diet based on Vegan food is by far healthier to one based on junk food which sadly is what many children are fed.

What are the nutrients needed by children for proper growth?

A diet balanced in protein, carbohydrate and fat normally gives all the necessary nutrients. This should include nuts, legumes, seeds and a variety of vegetables and fruit. But most kids are picky eaters and if allowed will eat the same thing repeatedly.

Ensuring the right amount of nutrients is achieved can be done with the help of the right supplement. The Natures Aid kids and infants’ products ensure they are getting the necessary nutrients. These may be added to their favourite food or drink or taken directly.

If your choice is to bring up your child on a Vegan diet, it is always best to consult a nutritionist for guidance.

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