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Summer’s impact on our skin

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

With the heat soaring, some of us will stay home for the air con’s cool air whilst many others will brave the outside and head to the beach to try shake off the heat in the sea.

Caring for your skin should not be just about splashing on a high SPF sun lotion. The combination of salt from the sea and the UV rays that will still manage to filter through the sun screen, do much to cause early wrinkles, dryness, fine lines and sagging.

What can one do to avoid all this?

Since collagen in our diets is naturally low, supplementing in the summer is a must if we want our skins to remain young and supple. Combining collagen with Vitamin C is of the utmost importance as they work synergistically for repairing and boosting our skin.

Planet Paleo offers Collagen for everyone, from Vegans to meat eaters. It is also the foremost company for the widest selection that also include bone broths that have become increasingly popular with Nutritionists abroad. This is why the best collagen from an animal source is found in the bones and not in the meat. For those who do not want collagen from farm animals there is Marine Collagen whilst for anyone following a plant based diet there is the Vegan Collagen. Collagen is also found in plants and is as effective as the one coming from animals.

This summer all Planet Paleo products are at a 15% discount from selected health shops* and from our online shop

*the health shops offering this discount are:

Good Earth Retail in Sliema & Birkirkara

Honey Corner health shop in Marsaskala

Natures Pantry in San Gwann

Nutreez and Provita in Naxxar

Learn more about Planet Paleo Products Here.

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